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uCreator uCreator

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I can see where you're going with this

Not a bad concept. Since that Pin-Ups game snagged Daily Feature last year, it proved there's still some fun to be in this sort of thing. This one was plain, but hitting the "random" button showed how varied it could be. Unfortunately, you *really* need to work on your artwork: Also there were a lot of choices, it was just too plain to give much satisfaction. You can keep the engine, but the interface design and the character artwork needs a severe boost. Nice job, otherwise.

Girdf responds:


Boxhead: More Rooms Boxhead: More Rooms

Rated 3 / 5 stars


This game could have been so much more awesome if it weren't for the endless amount of glitches and annoyances. Barrels, one of the most useful explosives in the previous game, are practically suicidal now; setting them up around a Demon guarantees instant death when he fires his cheapskate fireball attack, detonating every one. Additionally, walking too close to a Demon allows him to launch fireballs too quickly for the player to even have to chance to react and escape, thanks to the utterly retarded stunning feature. This is absolutely ridiculous and easily fixable, and it accounted for more nearly my deaths. There's no reason for people to play this when they could be unfairly defeated at any random time. When it comes to mass zombie slaughter, attacking with blazing guns works more effectively than strategically setting up dangerous and inefficient explosives, so the gunplay quickly becomes tedious. Overall, this game does wrong what Boxhead: The Rooms did right.

However, there are some noticeable improvements. The levels weren't as fun to play as The Rooms, but there's at least more to choose from this time around. The bosses were an excellent and sorely needed addition, although since their fireball glitch ensures I'll be killed unfairly, I probably won't play again. I liked the new weapons, but the fancy new explosives took a backside to the traditional guns.

In addition to the adjustments suggested above, a story mode or objective would really make it more interesting. The game features an awesome and addictive engine, but that's about it.

RaidenX RaidenX

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Dear God

This beats every game that I ever played. Even the ones I paid for. Just collecting the final stage of the purple ship upgrades...priceless. This alone is the reason to own a computer.